Oldies But Goodies: Rare And Discontinued AAA Fake Watches UK Wholesale

This week, we will continue to explore more of such wondrous timepieces. Similar to the past articles, we do not have any specific criteria to narrow down our options. Instead, we will be selecting the Swiss made replica watches based on their merits, such as quality, horological value, as well as aesthetics. This time, we will also try to include some pieces that are more modestly priced as well – unlike the past articles where we have only featured the high-end online fake watches.

So, what are the UK best replica watches that we have selected today? Here we go! As usual in no particular order.

Replica Omega Speedmaster MK40 Watches

We begin the article with a modern classic from the Speedmaster line-up. Cue the vibrant and spritely perfect copy Omega Speedmaster MK40 watches.

The MK40 is an interesting deviation from the standard luxury replica Omega Speedmaster collection watches. It comes in a smaller case (at 39mm, versus the typical 42mm for the Speedmaster Professional), an automatic movement, as well as a triple date complication. What we particularly like is this functionality, as well as the use of different colours for the fake watches for sale to differentiate between the various functions or indicators. The latter certainly adds quite a bit of excitement to an otherwise serious watch.

While the automatic variants of the wholesale Omega Speedmaster replica watches are typically less popular, we can definitely see the appeal of it – especially at its price point in the used market (albeit prices have gone up by quite a fair bit over the last couple of years). The fact that it has a triple calendar complication, on top of a chronograph function, makes the MK40 a rather complicated timepiece. If one is looking for a model classic, the MK40 is surely worth a strong consideration.

Fake Cartier Tank à Vis Watches

Cartier is a maison which has a rich history in horology, and the 1:1 top replica Cartier Tank à Vis watches – which was inspired by the Tank Étanche of 1931 – is another exceptional piece that continues to tell the story of this fabled name.

Launched in 2001, the Tank à Vis spots a slightly different look from the usual high quality Cartier Tank super clone watches. This is alluded to in the rounded and thicker case of the timepiece, as well as the distinctive bezel studs with screws. What also makes the Tank à Vis a rather magnificent piece is also the fact that it was reintroduced under the Collection Privée Cartier Paris (“CPCP”) programme, which meant that special care was taken to produce the timepiece. This includes the use of only precious metals for the case, guilloché dial, and the inclusion of mechanical movement.

For most esteemed collectors, the China fake watches from Cartier’s CPCP collection are perhaps some of the most sought-after pieces given its rarity, as well as the extraordinary designs which are remarkably different from what the market typically offers. There is just something special about them.

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