UK High Quality Omega Specialties CK 859 Replica Watches For Sale

When the UK luxury fake Omega Specialties CK 859 launched in the spring of 2022, it flew a bit under the radar as other releases were still garnering a lot of the press (fairly typical for spring in Switzerland). But it quickly picked up steam as people realized what a little gem this copy watch was, and it became a star in the eyes of fans of sector-dialed replica watches for sale. While the definition of a sector dial watch is both broad and in no way consistent (or official), people usually know one when they see one, and the perfect replica Omega CK 859 is an incredible example of the genre.

The basics of a sector dial copy watch include the standard minute track, divided into 60 sectors (hence the name), with additional large hash marks to delineate the quarters, or sometimes even five-minute intervals. These can vary in thickness and length and be accompanied by Arabic numerals, plus a secondary seconds dial can also repeat the style of the minute track around the edge. The overall appearance evokes a precision instrument, perhaps the dial of a caliper or gauge.

After one look at the Swiss made replica Omega CK 859, it is clear that this is a definitive sector dial watch, and then some. Just like the original model it was based on, it features not one but two minute tracks around the edge of the dial, both tracking individual minutes but in two different form factors. The exterior track is wider and features Arabic numerals for each five-minute indication, carving out a space within the thin sector line. The high quality fake Omega’s interior minute track is thinner and replaces the numerals with thick, solid lines providing a visual base for the outer ring.

Inside both of these minute tracks is the hour track. It is made of a single medium-weight segment of a circle (broken only by the off-center seconds dial) that has thick lines radiating outwards marking each hour. The line weight of the Swiss movement copy Omega UK matches the five-minute lines on the interior minute track, but each line is a bit longer than the width of that ring. Each of the quarter-hour lines extend from the hour track line to the interior minute track, joining those to make a long visual division to the set of tracks.

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