Dennis Rodman Teams Up With Skeleton Concept for Custom Swiss Replica Rolex GMT Master II UK

Skeleton Concept, a handcraft atelier that specializes in super clone watch customization, has teamed up with NBA legend Dennis Rodman for a custom limited-edition perfect replica Rolex GMT Master II UK. Skeleton Concept’s most recent creation follows projects with the likes of French Montana and Antonio Brown presented last year.

“I’m thrilled to unveil the extraordinary result of my collaboration with Skeleton Concept. Introducing the Dennis Rodman Concept Watch, a stunning masterpiece reflecting my fearless spirit and unparalleled charisma. It’s time to embrace the Legend!” Rodman said of the release.

The Dennis Rodman concept is said to have taken two years to develop. Enlisting a team of a hundred skilled artisans hailing from various regions of Switzerland, the 3186 Caliber of Dennis Rodman’s aaa quality replica Rolex UK was crafted in the Vallée de Joux with each component carefully finished by hand.

The skeletonized luxury fake Rolex GMT Master II replaces the original stainless-steel case with a red and black carbon one, showcasing the movement within in all its splendor Finishing touches include a transparent sapphire case back, one of the Skeleton Concept’s signature features, and bracelet options include either a Rubber B Velcro Series strap or Nylon Velcro strap.

“We discovered a common ground and easily connected, as watchcrafting shares similar traits,” writes Skeleton Concept. “The #RodmanConcept materialized after countless hours, numerous sketches, and meticulous modifications. Our aim was to create a 1:1 replica Rolex GMT-MASTER II ‘Bad Boy’ that truly reflects Rodman’s unique persona. It was a monumental challenge, but just like the basketball player himself, we wouldn’t settle for anything less than greatness.”

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