The UK Swiss Replica Cartier Tank Basculante Illustrates ‘Form Follows Form’

Usually, UK perfect Cartier replica watches are all about design. While the Tank Basculante was developed with function in mind – that is, protecting those fragile plastic crystals of old – nowadays, that’s mostly a theoretical idea, though it still makes for a great story. And as we’ll see, it also provides a second canvas for a little bit of creativity.

When early watch writer Walt Odets reviewed the luxury replica Cartier Tank Basculante in 2002, he called the watch an example of “form follows form,” writing that “the Tank Basculante offers a piece of tradition, considerable charm, and surprising quality throughout. The design integrity of this watch is woefully lacking in the majority of contemporary Swiss copy watches.” He came away impressed with the case and F. Piguet-based caliber paired with all the typical design details that make a high quality fake Cartier UK.

While most of Swiss movement replica Cartier‘s designs are all about playing with shapes – to be clear, the Basculante is too, maintaining the traditional brancards of the Cartier Tank super clone for sale – this is form with function, even if said function is an anachronism now. But hey, that’s all of mechanical watches, right?

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