UK Best 1:1 Fake Omega SpeedyMoon 345.0809

Although there were only 1,300 perfect replica Omega Speedmaster Moonphase 345.0809 watches ever made, there are a few variations. There are three different moonphase discs, for example. First, there’s one with two large moons with five stars in between, as we have here. Then there’s a version with two large moons and seven stars in between them. The rarest luxury fake Omega UK is with two moons that have a smiling face.

It’s also interesting to note that aaa quality replica Omega used no less than three different bracelets for this SpeedyMoon 345.0809 — refs. 1447, 1450, and, later, 1479. The last one is less common as it was only used on the last few 345.0809s that left Swiss made fake Omega in Biel.

Our example watch here has the ref. 1447 bracelet with ref. 805 end links. It is interesting to see that in such a short time and with such low production, Swiss movement replica Omega used different parts for the same watch. That is almost unthinkable today.

Caliber 866
The movement inside the UK cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Moonphase 345.0809 is a Lemania-based caliber 866. It is a caliber 861 with the addition of a calendar and moonphase indicator. Just like the base caliber 861, it is a copper-colored movement. The calendar and moonphase disc, located in the same sub-dial, are corrected via the small pushers in the case band. The upper corrector is for advancing the moonphase disc, and the lower corrector is for the date.

Be careful
The prices of the top super clone Omega SpeedyMoon 345.0809 have gone up quite a bit in the last 10–15 years. Expect to pay around €16,000 for a good example and even more when if you want one with its box and papers. Unfortunately, this also means that people may try to sell you a top copy Omega SpeedyMoon that has service parts (or a replacement dial) without mentioning it in the advertisement. The easiest giveaway is often the dial, where the dates from 9 to 21 are facing outward.

These are often service dials. It is still an original Omega super clone for sale part, but it does affect the value of the watch. The same applies to a wrong handset or different bracelet reference. But those are easier “fixes” than a service dial or fake dial. You will also find that parts of the later best quality fake Omega Speedmaster Moonphase reference 3576.50 or 3876.50 (2003 and later) are used for the 1980s SpeedyMoon.

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